IMAGINE is the brainchild of fire ecologist Reginald Goolsby and biophysicist Jack Peterson.

Reginald entered the wildland fire world in 2010 green and inexperienced and was unsettled and excited with what he saw. There were vast depositories of science research on one side, experienced fire managers and technicians on the other side, and the growing desire for something or someone to connect the two. The seed was planted after he encountered Dr. Tom Waldrop of the US Forest Service speaking of this "new" drive of "Technology Transfer."

After spending time on the fire line and in the offices of researchers he began to see the picture. The technology WAS already present but it failed to reach its audience efficiently. People hated 3-day workshops to teach computer programs and while technology is great, if no one understands how to use it then it fails to serve its point.

People hate having to go to multiple places to get information that should be located in a convenient central one. People want information quickly and efficiently and they do not want to spend a ton of time getting it. Managers want advice but do not want something or someone replacing human judgment. They want updated and more accurate models. If the top technological companies can update software to keep up with customer demand then surely the fire world can keep up with manager demand. Most of all managers want things to make their lives simpler.

Reginald heard all of it and silently wrote it down...then decided to do something about it. IMAGINE is exactly what it sounds, Reginald's imagination run amok. After encountering Jack Peterson and Pyrotech Solutions, Reginald's imagination soon became IMAGINE.